Soft Swim – As soft as it gets.

The Soft Swim difference. When you dive into a Soft Swim pool, you’ll feel the mineral difference. It’s like diving into a fluffy cloud – soft, smooth and silky. As far as pool water goes, Soft Swim is as soft as it gets.

Softer of your skin, eyes and hair. Soft Swim is like moisturiser for your pool. No more itchy skin, sore eyes or dry hair.

Better for our planet. Soft Swim uses less chemicals and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. It’s not only better for you but better for out planet.

More time for you. Soft Swim’s blend of minerals and patented products save you time and money due to a revolutionary 2-step pool maintenance system.

To enjoy a Soft Swim pool, just follow these simple instructions:

Mineral Set-up.

Start by enhancing your pool with a one-off application of Convert, to improve the feel of the water.

Easy Maintenance.

Step 1: Choose either Mineral Springs for salt pools or Synergy for chlorine pools to maintain your mineral levels and ensure healthy water.

Step 2: Add weekly doses of Clear to maintain soft, sparkling, clear water.

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Swim Soft


Swim Soft Clear Pool Oxidiser 1kg

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Swim Soft Convert Pool Initiator 4kg

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Swim Soft Mineral Springs 5kg

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Swim Soft Synergy Pool Sanitiser 2kg

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